Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cool Library Organization Tool

Classroom libraries can be tough to manage. This is especially true when you have students shopping from them to fill their book box, but also choosing Just Right books to take home. In helping teachers organize their classroom libraries the last two years, conversations have gravitated to how they manage who has what book. The general consensus seems to be that lower elementary teacher's books typically stay in the classroom, while upper elementary teachers find students wanting to take their in-school reads home. And why not? If they're hooked, we want them to keep reading and finish so they can jump into another great story. So in my travels of trying to solve the check-out dilemma, I came across a really great resource.

BookSource's Online Classroom Organizer-First of all it's FREE! It's a web-based program that allows you to:
-import titles from a BookSource order
-add your existing titles
-import a student roster
-allows students to check out and return books  AND 
-will even run an assessment report on a student that includes their title activity.

They have even put a video on their homepage to tell/show you how this works. Click on the link above or the logo below to take yourself to this awesome find.

Check back for pictures and discussion on how we actually organized many libraries in our K-5 building!
For those of you like me who are wrapping up Day #2, GO TO BED EARLY:-)


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