Wednesday, August 29, 2012

iPad Apps Worth Buying

So, we went on a family vacation at the beginning of August and I guess I never came back! I got called out on my lack of posting by one of our first grade teachers who over the summer discovered the awesomeness of now I've got to stay on track (Thank you T:-)

We are truly blessed to have an incredible PTA who helps to fund our growing need and desire to have current technology in our classrooms. Not only did they help us to get an iPad cart stocked with these incredible tablets at the end of the year, but have managed to get EACH teacher an iPad that they will be able to keep in their room to use on a daily basis. So with incredible news, I knew I finally had to post my list of "Must Have" apps.

mSecure ($9.99) The one stop place to put ALL of your passwords and logins. It's password protected and VERY easy to use.

Pages ($9.99) The best word processing app!

Noteshelf ($5.99) A great app for note taking when you want to separate your notes in their own notebook...staff meetings, district meetings, ideas, etc. You can insert text & photos,  or use your own handwriting.

Everyday Math Apps ($0.99-$1.99) Get your favorite EDM games played in the classroom as an app! Search McGraw Hill for these. And FIVE of them are FREE now by going to this link

Math Splash (FREE-$9.99) This is an awesome math app! Geared toward students by grade level (Gds 1-5). Download a specific math strand OR, the entire curriculum. Great app to differentiate for students or your own children. (This has been our math practice for the summer)

Storybuddy 2 ($4.99...ON SALE NOW) Storybuddy 2 allows you to insert pictures taken on your iPad or draw your own to illustrate a story. This version also has a READ TO feature...sweet!

Casey's Contraptions [Amazing Alex-new name] ($2.99) This is a great physics app. Learn the ins and outs of physics through game play.

A Monster Ate My Homework ($0.99) Another great physics/strategy app.

Ok, my list can go on and on, so I promise I'll do another post with more great apps. In the meantime, if you're looking for something specific, let me know.

To help keep track of the apps that you want, download AppShopper for FREE! You can create a wish list and it will let you know when the apps you have or want have been updated or when there is a price decrease.

Several developers are running sales or temporarily marking apps FREE in honor of teachers returning to school. Search using the Education filter to find some of these great deals.

Happy Shopping!


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