Saturday, December 8, 2012

What Did He Say?!?

So this post is linking up with Ms. Jessica over at a Turn to Learn. She posted this on Wednesday, but my charming, choking and laughing quote from my OWN SON, did not occur until Friday morning.

Both of my boys come to school with me, one is a first grader and the other is a third grader this year. It's been a blessing to have them both in the same place finally! Anyway, the 3rd grader was heading to a friend's house after school on Friday and would be taking the bus, so he had a note of permission. We get to school early so that I can get work done and the boys take care of their stuff and put it in their lockers. My phone rang in my room not long after I'd taken my coat off and it was the 3rd grader's teacher. She was literally laughing so much she had a difficult time talking.

Apparently, being the dutiful child that he is, my son handed the note over early. Nancy read it and said, "Oh, so you're having a play date after school!" He promptly replied, "No, we're having a HANGOVER!" Nancy tried to clarify (mind you, I'm hearing this over the phone and she's laughing!) "You mean you're having a SLEEPOVER?" "No, little kids have play dates, we have HANGOVERS," and then down to my room he came. Of course I immediately started laughing, but the best part was, was that by the end of the day, most of the staff had stopped by to ask about my son's HANGOVER,  and my principal has added this story to her book-when this thing is finally published, it's going to sell millions of copies!
The best part was telling my husband and then getting to explain what a HANGOVER is to a 9 year old!

So there it is, my darling child's quote. Click above to read more quotes Jessica has gathered.

Have a good weekend!


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