Sunday, July 29, 2012

Teacher Top 5 "Must Haves" to Start the Year

I'm a little late to the party, but I had to join this Linky Party. Rachelle, from Life Is Sweet...In Kindergarten started this Linky Party to give new teachers an idea about things they should consider having to start the year. This is right up my alley for two reasons, #1- I LOVE school supplies and could spend hours in an office supply store , and #2- I love passing on fun "finds" to my fellow teachers:-)

So here it is, my "Top 5 MUST HAVE Supplies"

1. Every teacher needs a WIDE range of markers to make their Anchor Charts POP! My favorites are the Sharpie Markers. I LOVE the retractable ones, but the Fine Point and Chisel Tip are hard to pass up too. I was introduced to the Elmer's Project Popperz Permanent Markers last year and they have quickly become another fav! (I even gave these as a gift to one of the new teachers I worked with last year).

2. Sticky Notes are the BEST things ever, but the BIG ones are great for PD, group projects and they're so big, you can cut them to shape if necessary-think hundred chart puzzles and big books.

3. Along the same lines are the pads of Sticky Pad CHART more "elementary twist" on the backs of regular chart paper.

4. BLUE Sticky Tack-no other color stays up ALL year long. We haven't figured out why, but the white and yellow versions just can't "hang" with the blue! There are several companies who make blue and usually an office supply store, or Lakeshore Learning carries them.

5. Fun File Folders! I've admitted to my Vera Bradley addiction (so yes, I have a few file folders in Cupcakes in Green), but once again, Staples and Office Max are my go to stores for some awesome designs. You can find a pattern (or two) to fit your classroom theme. I actually use a couple of different ones to help me organize all the data I keep by grade level and subject. These are from Staples and Office Max...

So there you have it! Things I like to have. One other that I would add, would be a three ring binder that I really LOVE! Office Max usually has an incredible selection:-)


Kelly said...

I must agree with all however I would add flair pens, a cute bag, and a great neighbor to share ideas with ;)

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