Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Prep Work Means Freebies!

A huge part of my job is organization. As our teacher's get ready to start meeting in grade level teams come August, I send out a Curriculum Map to each team. The one they receive has our PD and late start days on it, as well as, when assessments are to be given and completed. This helps those teachers who are changing grade levels or our brand new teachers be on the "same page" as their veteran teammates  as they go through the school year and provides a basic framework for the team. If you would like a generic version of this template, click on the image below to grab yours.

I have a small Vera Bradley obsession (once again, THANKS KELLY!) and so my room is actually decorated in the Baroque colors...black, white, gray and citron. So, to help keep me organized this year, I created some very cute black and white calendars. If you'd like a copy for yourself, feel free to download them by clicking the image below.


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